Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East – Part 2

June 2, 2006

“When you say “God”, consider yourself as being God. God shows up only when you show up yourselves. God could not be any bigot, any boastful, any egotistic. The Christ – meaning God-Man, the likeness and the resemblance of God – could not be any different. You can be God.
It is righteous to say that “I AM” is inside The Father and that The Father is inside me. “I AM” and The Father become a whole in the absolute greatness of the humility. God and the humanity together are almighty and they create the omnipotence of God. Your current thinking based upon wrong and unlawful ideas will elevate to a higher level, because everything that has been born of injustice will be expelled. All that wears the seal of the earth would wear then the seal of the sky if you had elevated the ideal likeness up till there.
I tell you now, right at this time, that you have the possibility to come out of this outward whirlpool so you can merge into the great peace and blessing of God and wear God’s illumination. With all the humility, put the crown of The Christ on your heads. If you will not do it, no one could do it for you.
Make yourselves one with those who reached in this way the great perfection. Don’t be just one with God, but be God, be God indeed. Then you can show the divine attributes to the whole world and you will do it. How any different can God’s energy be expressed if not through the human being?
There is nowhere on this earth any organism capable to vibrate on the same frequency as the human being. He is so well organized that he can perceive the supreme energy that allows God to be expressed in the entire world, which he transforms and generates it. How can he do it if not through out a perfect and organized body to a very high level, the way your body is when you have the strength to control it?
When somebody has the strength of such control that means that he truly is a master.”

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East