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God’s Christ

Jun 03 2006

“This is how you are, you, the people of today, which expand the vision and understand the truth about yourselves. There is a better life for you, better than the cycle of the earthly experiences. You will understand it following the path of justice, in harmony and veritable agreement with…

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East – Part 2

Jun 02 2006

“When you say “God”, consider yourself as being God. God shows up only when you show up yourselves. God could not be any bigot, any boastful, any egotistic. The Christ – meaning God-Man, the likeness and the resemblance of God – could not be any different. You can be God.…

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East – Part 1

Jun 01 2006

“Many people say that they are the sons of God and that they possess all of God. They have that indeed, but their statement does not transpose into actions before they had had the courage to take the next step and consider themselves being God, being united with everything that…

What techniques can you learn in School?

Jun 01 2006

Mastering the human mind consciousness and the sub-consciousness is an inner process; it is alike an action of the mind which has not been exercised yet. The penetration techniques into action method of the mind are revealed at The Ancient School of Wisdom, and they will never be forgotten. By…