The Disciplines of The Ancient School of Wisdom

Inside The School there are 3 groups named by the years of studies depending on the taken steps: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year. Each discipline is unique and exceptional. They have to be done in this order so you will be able to understand the stages of inner development and to have a continuity.

The Beginning

In this stage, the students have an introductory course which will be extended in three consecutive weekends. This course will teach the fundamental principals and techniques of the Ancient School of Wisdom.

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Period: 3 consecutive weekends;
Date: it will be set up with the students;


In this stage, the participants will learn techniques such as: creating and manifestation, healing, self healing and telepathy. The exercises presented during this discipline are very intense and dynamic and the results are instant and extraordinary.

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Period: 1 week;
Date: it will be set up with the students;

The Book of Life

The Book of Life is the discipline that helps the participants to fully understand what are the emotional stings, what are the emotional attachments and dependencies, how these control our present and future and how we can tear these emotional strings so our being can step forward freely and unconditioned. This is a very important step for regaining our personal strength and the techniques used during this discipline are ancient methods inherited from old times, methods being considered secret by many civilization.

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Period: 1 week;
Date: it will be set up with the students;

The Path of the Soul

During this stage, the participants succeed, helped by specific techniques, to enter very profound into the depths of their own minds in order to discover and clean emotional wounds which are very old and long forgotten. These wounds keep the Soul captive and unable to step forward on his path to freedom. This stage is remarkable for the fact that Nature is the main Guide, as well as Guardian for those willing to penetrate deeper and deeper into their Consciousness.

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Period: 1 week;
Date: it will be set up with the students;

The Recharge of the Soul

”When we succeed to look disengaged to our life, we get touched by the unknown thrill of the eternal mystery which is always present next to us and inside of us. We don’t know anything about this world same as we don’t know our selves. It is like the twilight would always catch us on the road again and we would be away from home once more. We are sleeping when we are awake here and we wake up just in our short moments of our dreams.”
This phase represents an opening to the multiple universes of the Divine Mind and an escape from the limitation of the human mind. Dreams have always been very important clues in understanding the mysteries of the Unknown. The Art of Dreaming is a technique used by the ancient civilizations, being transmitted from generation to generation with great mystery. Conscious dreaming is one of the modalities to become free. The Art of Dreaming, as a study, represents passing into other realities, lucidly and consciously.

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Period: 2 weeks;
Date: it will be set up with the students;

The White Spirit

To become Spirit again represents the greatest gift that a human being can offer to itself throughout its existence. The memory of what the being is in its essence, dwells in each of us. We just have to remember. Abandoning the limitation of the human mind is the first step towards the manifestation of the greatness of the Spirit in each person’s life. This stage represents a quintessence of the accumulated teachings throughout the human experience.
“The enlightenment is not a desire, it is a consequence of the way of living!”

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Period: 3 weeks;
Date: it will be set up with the students;
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What can you learn at The School?

Within this School you will learn techniques which will help each of you to make inner transformation for better understanding the world around you and also gaining the Perls of Wisdom.

Mastering the human mind consciousness

And the Sub-consciousness is an inner process; it is alike an action of the mind which has not been exercised yet. The penetration techniques into action method of the mind are revealed at The Ancient School of Wisdom, and they will never be forgotten. By the means of the techniques you will penetrate into very deep areas of your own consciousness and the life of each being which was touched will be extended, peaceful and abundant, in a variety of new discoveries.

Techniques that you could learn at
The Ancient School of Wisdom
1.Initiation into the Art of Controlling your Own Thoughts.
2.Healing and Self Healing with the Consciousness.
3.Telepathy – Issuing and Receiving thoughts.
4.Consciously bringing into manifestation your personal reality.
5.The Art of Dreaming – Passing into other realities, lucidly and consciously.
6.Consciousness movement into the quantum space (past, present and future) – Wingmakers.
7.Quantum Touch – Remote Healing in Space and Time.

Healing with Divine Light

The unknown, the root of all fears.

“Exceeding the barriers of the unknown, we learn more about ourselves, about our manifested potential that waits impatient the day that it will become. And when that happens, we will not have an answer to the question WHO WE ARE, but WHAT WE ARE. It is very important to know that God loves you and he has never judged you, because only the love of God wakes you up in the morning for a new day so you can experience the life of this realm, this love ignoring your actions, your thoughts and non actions of the past day. We will learn how God chose to be in every cell, in every thought, in every breath, in every action and especially, in every soul.
In this school is about what is already known and what is not known, having the choice to make the unknown known from all the potentials of the existence of life. You will learn through strict methods, by a very dynamic exercise how we can distinguish between the human part and the spiritual part, becoming one with God” – Lamda

“The Enlightenment is not a desire, it is a consequence of the way of living!” – Lamda

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