What techniques can you learn in School?

June 1, 2006

Mastering the human mind consciousness and the sub-consciousness is an inner process; it is alike an action of the mind which has not been exercised yet. The penetration techniques into action method of the mind are revealed at The Ancient School of Wisdom, and they will never be forgotten. By the means of the techniques you will penetrate into very deep areas of your own consciousness and the life of each being which was touched will be extended, peaceful and abundant, in a variety of new discoveries.

    Techniques that you could learn at The Ancient School of Wisdom:

  1. Initiation into the Art of Controlling your Own Thoughts.
  2. Healing and Self Healing with the Consciousness.
  3. Telepathy – Issuing and Receiving thoughts.
  4. Consciously bringing into manifestation your personal reality.
  5. The Art of Dreaming – Passing into other realities, lucidly and consciously.
  6. Consciousness movement into the quantum space (past, present and future) – Wingmakers.
  7. Quantum Touch – Remote Healing in Space and Time.
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