About The Ancient School of Wisdom

The Ancient School of Ascended Masters from Tibet is the source of an idea, THE WISDOM, that was focused and became reality. This school is about something that is already known. It is about the ancient foundations about GOD, about humanity and the greatness of this world.

We invite you to start on your personal journey, a journey of rediscovering the true essence of your being, the true nature of your existence as a manifestation of Greatness and Love in this plan.

The journey of the Soul is the greatest and the most uplifting experience where the being called Human forgets who he/she really is so he/she can remember that humans are one with the existence itself and Immortals.

The Ancient School of Wisdom is a school of the Spirit which is done with the Spirit and each step is very important simply because the human mind is expanding more and more, making room for the Spirit to manifest its true greatness.

Knowledge beyond ordinary borders!
“This knowledge has no laws. It does not have any laws, because there are, in laws, borders that block freedom. I will not teach you anything but about God and about the possibilities to choose. I am here to open up the doors to a higher knowledge, for you in order to see the possibilities to choose, that you have in the life of this plan, for you in order to see that your life in this plan is not bordered, because there is life even in other plans and in many other places. I said so, indeed. So be it!” – Lamda

Used to worry about tomorrow
“Preoccupied by the issues of our material life, we often forget why we chose to come here, on this wonderful realm, where God chose to manifest himself as a human being. The three dimensional plan is the realm where we meet God manifested in matter.
Our life here is unrolling sometimes too slow or too fast and thus we forget so often why we came here, who we really are. The unknown, is the root of all fears.” – Lamda

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